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With more than 50 years and counting in the wholesale of nuts and pistachio, we are here to negotiate any offer you have for us. 

Kernel Pistachio

Top quality kernel pistachio. 

Pistachio Open

Trading in the Green Gold: Buy and Sell the Best Pistachios on the Market

Pistachio Pasta

The Perfect Pairing: Savory Pistachio Pasta for a Tasty Treat

A little story about Carvel

We make sure that you get only the best quality of nuts

At Carvel, we understand the importance of providing only the highest quality products to our valued customers. That’s why when it comes to pistachios, we go to great lengths to ensure that every nut that leaves our facility meets the highest standards for taste, freshness, and purity. From sourcing the finest ingredients to using state-of-the-art processing techniques, we are dedicated to delivering the very best pistachios on the market. So whether you’re snacking on them straight from the bag or using them in your favorite recipes, you can trust that the pistachios you get from us are always of the utmost quality.

Buy & Sell? Not only

We offer a various of services for you and your products


At Carvel, we specialize in buying wholesale amounts of premium nuts and pistachios from the best suppliers around the world.

Our market specialists are here to offer you the best price for your product. We offer straight payment upon delivery of the products.

Whether you are a small business, a large corporation, or an individual farmer we will be more than happy to meet and look up on a collaboration.

Choose Carvel for all your wholesale nut and pistachio needs and experience the benefits of our premium products and outstanding service. Contact us today to learn more about our wholesale service and how we can help you sell your product.


At Carvel , we are proud to offer a premium service that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-quality service, ensuring that your needs are met every step of the way.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we always put your needs first, providing transparent communication and a hassle-free experience.

We understand that every customer is unique, which is why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. From start to finish, we work closely with you to ensure that we meet your expectations and provide a service that exceeds them.

At [Company Name], we are passionate about what we do, and it shows in the quality of our work. Let us show you why we are the best in the business. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you.

Private Labeling

Private labeling is a great way to establish your brand and stand out in a crowded marketplace. At Carvel, we offer high-quality private labeling services that allow you to customize your products with your brand name and logo.

Our team of experts will work closely with you to create a custom label that meets your specific needs, ensuring that your brand is well-represented and easily recognizable. We use only the highest quality materials and printing techniques to produce labels that are durable, attractive, and professional-looking.

With our private labeling service, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of the details. Whether you need help with product design, labeling, or packaging, we are here to help.

Don’t settle for generic products that don’t reflect your brand. Choose Carvel for all your private labeling needs and see how we can help take your business to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you grow your business.


Ensuring a safe and healthy storage environment is essential for any company’s product or cargo, especially in today’s world. Our disinfection service offers comprehensive cleaning and sanitization solutions that help protect against the spread of viruses and bacteria on your product. Our team of trained professionals uses state-of-the-art equipment and industry-approved cleaning agents to thoroughly clean and disinfect all surfaces in our/your storage, including high-touch areas such as trucks, containers, fridges etc. With our disinfection service, you can have peace of mind knowing that your products and cargo are entering a clean and safe environment.


Our perfectly repackaged product not only provides a fresh new look but also comes in more convenient sizes to better suit your needs. Additionally, we offer sustainable packaging, which means that we have updated our product packaging to be more eco-friendly while still maintaining the same great taste and quality.

Choosing Carvel means choosing a company that is dedicated to providing the best possible service and products.

We offer only the highest quality products, sourced from the best suppliers around Greece.                                                                              Our products are carefully curated to ensure that you get only the freshest and most delicious nuts available.


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